Lake Data & Project Status

Wrentham ConCom Approval and Orders of Conditions

Professional Plant Survey

Lake Archer Depth Map

Lake Archer Association Project Status Presentation 12-4-2018

Proposed 5 Year Plan

  • 2019:  
    • Buy an underwater camera and begin annual monitoring of the lake utilizing BWW Areas 1 - 3the camera and reviewing the GPS points from the Lake Study.  Monitoring will continue on an on-going basis.
    • Purchase Lake Bottom Blankets and utilize in the small dense area known as Area 1 that contains Brazilian Water Weed (BWW).
    • Purchase a boat fitted with suction harvesting equipment.
    • Hire a Suction Harvesting Company to extract the BWW from the largest area known as Area 2.


    • Continue with the Suction Harvesting Company to extract the BWW from the Areas 2-3.
    • Another professional survey will be commissioned so that we can compare it to our baseline and better understand how we are progressing.

In addition, we are encouraging all homeowners to remove the Clasping Leaf Pondweed and Tape Grass If it is growing along the shore of their property.  It is important to remove by the roots.  You can also purchase your own Lake Bottom Blanket to help eliminate weeds along your shoreline.

The proposed harvesting or large scale use of the Lake Bottom Blankets will be subject to a majority vote by the association members.

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