Effective as of April 9th, 2013

This important law makes it illegal in Massachusetts to introduce nuisance species to the state’s lakes and ponds, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  Please clean all visible plant material from your boat, trailer, and any recreational equipment before you leave or enter a lake and then clean your equipment.  Also, do not dump aquatic fish tanks into the lake as they typically contain exotic plants and fish.

Download the Preventing the Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species

Lake Archer — Boatroom Flyer

Aquatic Invasive Species

Below are two invasive weeds that has been positively identified in Lake Archer.   

Brazilain Water Weed (South American Waterweed)pdf format of South American Waterweed



Underwater view of the BWW


The Brazilian Water Weed has been found growing is the green areas shown below:

GPS Map of BWW

Variable Milfoil pdf format of Variable Milfoil

A small plant of this invasive weed was been found while scuba diving and another plant was found floating.  We do not know the source and are seeking any help to find the source to eradicate it.  It is presumed to be somewhere in the area of the lake near Rowell Road.

Variable Milfoil

These invasive species have not been identified in Lake Archer to date but exist in many Massachusetts lakes.  If you do identify any of these, please report where they are growing on the Contact page of this website.

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