Native Invasive Species

There are native plants that can be invasive and cause major issues with lakes.  Below are three that are becoming invasive in Lake Archer.  All three of these weeds can be safely removed by homeowners:

  • These will not fragment and regrow elsewhere so pulling it out is the best thing to do.  Lake Bottom Blankets will also be effective.
  • Always pull it out by the roots.
  • We need everyone to proactively remove this from the lake area in front of their property

Clasping Leaf Pondweed

This is growing around much of the perimeter of the lake and is getting dense in some areas.



Tape Grass

This has grown to the surface in several places around the lake and needs to be eradicated.



We have seen this growing in clumps close to the surface around the lake and needs to be eradicated where possible.

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