DIY: How to Fertilize and Manage Weeds/Pests without Synthetic Chemicals

Looking to Create a Beautiful Lawn without Fertilizer?

  • Set your mower to the mulch setting
  • Leave clover and other legumes to grow
  • Mow grass to a longer length more often

Worried about Mosquitos?

Did you know that mosquitos hate the wind? Residents report that simply turning on a fan near themselves on a hot Summer night, will repel almost all mosquitos! Or, check out this DIY mosquito killer:

Alternatively, Pure Solutions is a company servicing Wrentham with a commitment to reducing the use of harmful chemicals in our communities. They offer mosquito, tick, pest and weed applications that are safer than conventional alternatives. Even better, Lake Archer residents will receive a 10% discount on all lawn treatments! Those who sign up for a full season will also receive a free treatment. Check them out at

You might also consider using peppermint soap as a natural pest repellent:

Have Weeds in Your Lawn?

Consider this inexpensive and easy alternative to mainstream weed killer: Mix 1 gallon of white vinegar with 1 cup of salt and 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Apply directly to weeds with a spray bottle. Check out this link on Better Homes and Gardens, for a video demonstration and more!

Have other great DIY tips for our residents? We’d love to hear them! Please e-mail

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